Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super-cereals and other Webster's new additions

My youngest is starting to talk up a storm, and I'm really enjoying all the new words and phrases. Her favorites are "hereyago", "c'mere", "no", "tiiiiiiiight" (as in, these socks are too tight)and "snat" (snack). I was shocked when she picked up her I Spy book the other day and proceeded to name everything in the book (star, doggie, mouse, and lots more).

Amelia's vocabulary has also been growing. With her last set of ear tubes and her speech therapy, she's really been blooming. Her latest favorite phrase of mine is "super-cereal", wherein she puts on a blanket-cape and zooms around the room yelling "I'm a super-cereal, Mom!" She also just told me that she has "diarrhea boogers", which cannot be a good thing...

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