Monday, January 26, 2009

Make it Monday

For Amelia's birthday last year, I decided to do a princess theme. I had seen an adorable castle cake in a magazine and got really ambitious. I spent an entire day (yes, the ENTIRE day) baking cakes from scratch (silly me), stacking, frosting, and adding candies and ice cream cones. In fact, I was in the kitchen so long, Amelia kept running over yelling "Supper's Ready!!!" Come on, after all that time, something had to be ready to eat, right? So this may end up being my first and last journey into homemade birthday cakes. Over a year later, I'm still exhausted at the thought, and Amelia got a store-bought cake this year. But you have to admit, it turned out pretty cool:


  1. Your daughter will ALWAYS remember this cake so it was totally worth it. My mom did something similar for me when I was little and I can still picture it. It made me feel so special especially since my mom normally can't cook or bake to save her life!

  2. It is BEAUTIFUL! Great job! I would have loved it when I was a little girl!

  3. Some things are just once in a lifetime deals! Good thing you took pictures so you can help her remember it. Love the turrets!