Friday, August 19, 2011

A while back I promised to give info on my "detailed" summer schedule....the summer started out with great intentions but as usual, daily life got in the way. At the beginning of the summer, we spent a lot of time at the library for Summer Reading, at our friends' house to play before they headed out to Russia to bring home their new sons/brothers, and a lot of time in our kiddie pool. I put together a basic daily routine to hang on the fridge, and made some magnets of extra activities that I could change around as needed. Though I haven't stuck really well to the routine, it has helped me when I get part way through the day and feel like I'm floundering...the last month has been wonky as I prepared to spend 8 days in Puerto Rico chaperoning a missions trip, was gone for 8 days, and then struggled to transition back to "real life". I'm really hoping to be back on track next week and help Goldilocks reach some back-to-school goals before school starts again...these goals include
1) shoe-tying
2) reviewing counting backwards from 20
3) reviewing writing out the alphabet
4) counting by 5's and 10's
5) writing #s to 100
I know she can do it, if only I can find a way to motivate her!

Here's an overview of our basic daily routine. I created a weekly table in Microsoft Word and illustrated with clip art.

Walk Dog (this hardly ever happens)
Help Mom w/Chores
Play Outside
Quiet Time
School (this hasn't been happening much, either)
Play Outside/Swim
TV Time