Friday, January 23, 2009

Saving Time

Following the Flylady routine saves me the most time (see previous blog entry for details), but another thing that saves me a LOT of time is to have a place for EVERYTHING. My home is filled with baskets...each type of toy has a designated basket (animals, cars, dolls, My Little Ponies, Little People, etc.), B and I each have a basket in the bathroom cabinet for our personal care items, Addie has several baskets for her cloth diapers (for wipes, soakers, longies, etc)... Before a holiday or birthday, I make sure the toy baskets are organized and ready for the inevitable onslaught of new toys. When everything has a place, it makes for easier and faster clean-up. What are your time-saving tricks?

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  1. I have hooks by my children's closets and at bedtime I choose their clothes for the next day. The clothes are on the hooks ready to go. If I will be gone I put a few days on it and this helps out dad or whoever is in charge.