Thursday, January 15, 2009


My mom and I recently started on online store, where we sell wool and fleece cloth diapering covers. We've been designing and testing our items for MANY months, and finally started selling last month, after making a large investment in materials. In the last week, we've sold two items, which is very exciting. We're nearly out of things to sell!!! Sadly, on February 10th, we plan to close our store, as there is a new law coming into effect that would require us to send each item out for third-party lead testing, which would be too costly for most small businesses. If this law stays as-is, most small "hand-crafting" businesses will go out of business. Not only that, but with this law in effect, you will no longer be able to sell your used children's clothing and toys at a garage sale, and thrift stores will no longer be able to sell them, either, unless they send each item out for testing. It's very possible that starting in the next few months, we will no longer have the option of buying used clothing and toys for our children at all, forcing us to buy all new, which will be pricier due to the added expense of product testing. Please help spread the word on this issue and contact your lawmakers. Helpful links:

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