Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Resolution Update

I've been working on my resolutions for about a week and a half now, and for the most part feel pretty good about it. Today has been bad for TV, but the last week I've done really well at limiting to two short TV/movie sessions. I've been more consistent with my vitamins, too, trying to build up a good supply of Folate. Not doing so well on the devotions. In youth group -I'm a leader, not a youth:) - I committed to at least doing an online devotional every day, but am having trouble finding one I like, so if anyone has any links or suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. I know I'll most likely be online every day, so I figured doing an online study would fit well with my lifestyle.

And, a random note, my mom and I sold our very first item from our hyena cart shop. Check it out http://www.hyena.com/CountyMouse.com We are hoping to be able to stay in business after the February 10 children's safety laws come into place. My prayer is that the law will be modified to make it easier for handmade in the US items to be approved, while keeping stringent regulations on imported items.

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