Monday, March 30, 2009

Make Something Monday

Better late than never....a few weeks ago, the girls and I made bird feeders for the returning birds. I don't know if robins even eat from feeders, but when I saw the first one, I was so excited I had to do something for it! I bought bulk birdseed at Pet Expo and looked for recipes using peanut butter, since I have a lot stocked up from coupon deals and WIC. I found one using day-old bread, peanut butter, bird seed, and yarn...all things I have around most of the time.

Cut bread into shapes with cookie cutters; the larger and less complicated the shape, the better. Don't forget to poke a hole with a straw towards the top. Then let the bread sit out for a few hours to dry and get hard. Spread both sides with peanut butter, and dip in bird seed. Finally, thread yarn through the hole to make a hanger.

It's suggested that you hang the feeders near other branches to give the birds something to perch on. We waited for a warm-ish day and scouted out the perfect locations for our little feeders. They were gone within 2 days, whether the birds or the squirrels got them, I couldn't say. And honestly, we regularly feed squirrels here, too!


  1. Those are so cute! What a fun project to do with kids too!

  2. Thank you for reminding me of these!! We used to have so much fun making these!!