Monday, March 30, 2009

Cabin Fever

B was gone last week on business, which the girls and I are starting to get used to. Instead of acting out, they tend to verbalize that they miss him, which is good. And with a new vehicle, I feel I have more freedom while he's gone. However...this last trip, B accidentally took all the vehicle keys with him, leaving me stranded for four days. Which meant lots of phone calls that went something like this:

"Hi, this is Naomi. Sorry I can't make it to (fill in the blank). B is out of town on business and took all the keys with him, so I have no transportation."


"Mom, can you pick up (fill in the blank) and drop it off for me?"


"Mom, can you pick up supper for us?"


"Mom, can you do (fill in the blank) on your way to/from work?"

Thank the Lord we live in the same town as family, and not at the Arizona branch!!!!

Although I was really disappointed at first, especially to miss youth group, it turned out to be a blessing. I watched my friend's baby on Wednesday and Friday, and by the time 7pm rolled around Wednesday, I was ready to crash, and glad that I didn't have to drive home with the kids from youth group at 9. And I ended up catching a cold, so it was nice to be able to relax a little more on Thursday before having Grant again on Friday. My friend Amber was able to visit on Thursday, and without having to be at speech by 3, she was able to stay and visit after our workout. Blessings aside, I was still frantic to get out of the house by the time B got home Friday night.

I forced him to take me out to eat on Friday, and Saturday morning I was still feeling cabin fever, so we decided to take a road trip, somewhere...anywhere!!! We decided to visit friends we haven't seen in a while. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the drive was relaxing. I read aloud the Deadliest Catch book my brother bought for B (it's even autographed to B), so the drive was filled with plenty of laughter. We had a fun visit with our friends, went to Menards to look at bathroom fixtures for our upcoming remodel, and got home around 9.

Sunday was a little rockier. We were both feeling the effects of a long week, and we had a full day ahead of us. We got to church late, then had to rush off afterwards so B could get his hair cut while the girls and I ate in the car. Then home to pick up a birthday present, then drive to a birthday party. After the party, we had to make a Walmart trip for much needed supplies. I was cranky, finding it hard to adjust to having B back home. While I miss him when he's gone, the girls and I quickly get into a fairly smooth routine, and I have complete control of our days. With B back, I have to get used to working around and with someone else. It can get a bit bumpy, but we got through it, and after crashing early last night, I'm looking forward to having him home this week. Especially to cuddle up with and watch some long-overdue Bones episodes.

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