Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great New Kitchen/Cooking Site

In the Kitchen

Everything Up Close has started a sister blog, Everything in the Kitchen Up Close. This new blog includes recipes, food facts, kitchen product reviews, giveaways, guest sites and bloggers...I look forward to reading this blog each day and learning new ways to be productive in my kitchen. They have a giveaway right now for a kitchen pack of e-cloths, to help you break your addiction to paper towels. They're also giving away a one-year subscription to the menu-planning service Relish! The unique feature of this service is your ability to put together your own menu from their list of meals, instead of being locked into someone else's choices. It also gives you the option to convert your meals into a handy shopping list. I know I struggle with coming up with a menu plan, and tend to fall back on a handfull of dishes I know I can prepare well. I'd love to opportunity to try some new recipes, and to have my meals planned in advance rather than scrambling to come with something at 5:00.Lastly, they are also giving away the book "Eat Well, Live Longer" I love that this book has information on the best foods for each stage of life, as well as recipes and nutrition information. As a mom, I'm always interested in learning how to better feed my children to ensure that they get a nutritionally sound start in life.

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  1. Just looking for best kitchen products... Thanks for the help!! This "Eat Well, Live Longer" book is best for me!!