Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brain Dump

I'm sitting here trying to get myself moving, and I think I need to do a brain dump. Sometimes putting a problem on "paper" helps me let it go. So bear with me. Yesterday a situation I thought had been resolved reared up again, and today I'm allowing myself to feel victimized and depressed. Scratch that, I was allowing myself to feel victimized and depressed. But from this moment on, that problem no longer has power over my life. The only thing I have control over in this situation is my own reaction, and I vow to no longer react with fear and anger. At least for today, I'm emotionally removing myself from the situation, and giving it over to God to deal with. Aaaaaahhh, that feels good. Time to put on some praise music and restart my day! Check out the song on the bottom of my page for a sample of what I'm listening to today.

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