Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tell the Truth Tuesday

Today's Truth:

I think I sometimes give off the impression that I have "it" all together. The truth: I do not. It only looks like I do because I am obsessive-compulsive about my house, and when your house is under control, people assume you are too. The truth is, I spend far too much time on my house, letting all other aspects slide. And it's not out of a desire to provide a nice environment for my family, it's purely selfish (and prideful, YUCK!). I am stressed and anxious when my house is messy and disorderly, so I clean and clean. True, my closets and cupboards are organized and I have three binders of coupons tucked into baseball card page protectors, but I often feel like I don't spend enough quality time with my girls, I know I don't spend enough quality time with God, I struggle to maintain a good fitness level, I should spend more time with friends.....so next time you visit, if my house is a little messier than usual, compliment me on my self-control and newfound priorities! Now you all know my "dirty" little truth. What's yours?

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