Monday, February 23, 2009

Make Something Monday

I actually made these last year, but I thought I'd share them. Last spring, I won some hand-dyed yarn on I used the gorgeous wool yarn to knit up some longies for my youngest. What are longies? For those of you who don't cloth diaper, they are pants and diaper covers in one. In this case, the wool acts as a water-resistant barrier, and is anti-bacterial so it doesn't stink! It took me nearly 9 months to knit these...I finished them just in time for Christmas, but I'm so proud of myself, and I really need to get started on those shorties for summer! So for this "Make Something Monday" I pledge to begin that pair of shorties tonight after the girls are in bed. Oh, and never mind the one funky-looking leg. It actually doesn't stick out like that, she must be standing funny.


  1. You did an awesome job! Those are beautiful!!

  2. Very cute!!! I have a Mr. Linky for MSM on my blog:

  3. Oh those are awesome! Have you ever seen Cranky Pants? You should try to make some-you could totally do it!