Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Living the Dream

Felicia at Go Graham Go! wants to know what her readers are doing to live their dreams. Well, let me first tell you my "original dream". As a young teenager, my dream was to spend the majority of my twenties in college and graduate to become a psychologist. I wanted a full-time career as a therapist. Husband and kids were very optional. Fast-forward a few years to meeting my now-husband. I still had the career dreams, but the husband part was fast becoming less optional and more of a requirement. And he wanted kids, so I figured we could adopt some and put them in daycare.

Fast-forward a few more years to my attempt at college. I ended up coming home with a serious bout of depression, and a crippling fear of school. You've heard of the "freshmen 15"...I experienced the "freshmen -15"...in two weeks at school I lost over 10 pounds. After I got my health under control I began work at a local daycare center while I sorted out my next steps. The daycare is where my "new dream" took shape.

I adored the kids placed in my care, and fell in love with "parenting". During this time period I also became engaged (to my high school sweetie) and we started planning our future together. My dream at that point became to get married, help B finance his last year of college and start a career, buy a house, have a baby or two, and become a stay at home mom so I could pour my childcare/preschool training into my own children. And ultimately, to see them become children and men/women devoted to Christ. So here's the progress report:

B finished his last year of school and went on to a *mostly* successful electrical engineering career. ( I say mostly because he has experienced a few company closings, so has been unemployed more than once, but God has always pulled through with something better in the wings.) Once he was hired for his first "real job" we bought a little house, and a year and a half later our first daughter was born. I was blessed with the ability to stay home, and when she was two, we welcomed our second daughter. A year later, we moved into a bigger house that God dropped into our laps. We've been active in our church youth group, and our oldest started AWANA last fall. She asked Christ into her heart on the ride home one Wednesday evening.

So, long story long, am I living the dream? Let's see, I'm living in my dream house (at least it will be when I get the bathroom done and all the wallpaper down), have two gorgeous daughters that I'm able to love on all day long, one of whom is already starting to walk in her daddy and mommy's faith footsteps, am surrounded by family (that I actually get along with) and the best friends a girl could ask for, a succesful husband who after eleven years of togetherness still enjoys spending time with me and vice versa, and am helping both my parents start businesses revolving around their passions. So, yeah, other than the fact that I'd love to add a few more pairs of pitter-pattering feet, I'd have to say at least I'm living MY dream.

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  1. Love it - thanks for sharing your dream life!

  2. This seriously made me cry... especially the part about your daughter accepting Christ!! That is so amazing and exciting! I know that this is my prayer for Graham every night. I am also already praying for his future wife!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!