Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Giving Myself a Time-Out

It's been a rough week, for no other reason than that I've been way too hard on myself. So in a twist on my daily hobby of putting Amelia in time-out, I'm sitting myself on the time-out bench.

I'm taking a time-out from:

*mommy-wars...I am not the same mommy as the one next to me. In fact, I am the perfect mommy for MY children. How do I know that? Because God entrusted them to me, and He knows what He's doing. However, I am not the perfect mommy for the hypothetical child next door, and have no right to judge said mommy.

*mommy guilt...my children will not be forever scarred by my decision to allow them to watch t.v. all afternoon while I took a snooze on the couch. I'll do better tomorrow:)

*perfectionism...my house does not have to be perfect every second of every day. Neither do I.

*antsiness...is that a word? My husband can not complete every single home improvement project this weekend, or even this year. So I'm going to give it a rest already! and enjoy my home the way it is.

*God-guilt...I am forgiven for not having spent the time I should with God in the past. Time to quit fretting about the time missed yesterday, and spend the time today.

What do you need a time-out from?

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