Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today Wasn't Quite As Eventful...

8:00 am: Roll out of bed, pour 3 bowls of cereal, 3 glasses of juice, turn on Dora.
8:30 am: Wrangle a fit involving Goldilock's computer and uncooperative lap.
9:15 am: Phone call from my friend Julie. She and her daughter Kelsey are on their way over. Straighten up house (including piles of pillows and sleeping bags from last night's "slumber party") and get everyone dressed.
10:00 am: Julie and Kelsey arrive. Visit outside while the girls play in the yard.
10:30 am: Walk to the park and play until Goldilocks gets an owie needing "immediate" attention. Had disappeared by the time we got home.
11:30 am: Consolidate car seats into one van and head out to get lunch.
12:30 pm: Enjoy our lunches outside at the new patio table (Subway for us), and continue playing. The sandbox and kiddie pool were the big hits of the day, other than the sand-in-the-eye incident.
2:30 pm: Julie and Kelsey head out. Settle the two sandy girls in the chair with a movie while I vacuum the house.
3:30 pm: Back outside, it's just too nice out to stay in for long!!! Back into the sandbox/kiddie pool while I flip through a shade gardening book.
4:30 pm: Inside to get dressed for youth group/shopping with Grandma, and reheat leftover spaghetti for supper.
5:10 pm: Out the door. Drop Goldilocks at Grandma's to go clothes shopping while the rest of us head to church.
6-7:30 pm: Youth group. Explored the difference between reputation and integrity, recited memory verses (everyone earned a treat at Super America).
8:30 pm: Pick up Goldilocks and her loot. (No school clothes, but lots of fun stuff, ie fanny pack, purple sparkly sunglasses, dress-up skirt, melted hot fudge Sundae....)
9:00 pm: Get the girls into bed. They pass out pretty quickly after the busy day.
9:30 pm: Hang laundry on the line. It's cold outside now!
9:45 pm: Shower
10:00 pm: Fold laundry and check email while watching "Criminal Minds"

We miss you, honey!!!! Can't wait to see you soon!

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