Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This One's For You, Honey...

Our day today:

6:30 am: Alarm needlessly goes off and Goldilocks wakes me up and drags me downstairs for breakfast.
7:00 am: Addiecake stumbles downstairs and requests that the next show be her pick. Goldilocks gets upset because she wants to watch Beethoven instead and proceeds to throw hour long "I want daddy" fit.
8:00 am: Figured out that my phone was magically fixed, allowed Goldilocks to call daddy, all is well with the world again. Finished watching Addiecake's choice and allowed them to watch Beethoven together so I could sack out for a bit after an exhausted hour of tantrum-wrangling.
9:30 am: Quickly get ready for Moms and Kids, straighten living room, fly out the door.
10-noon: MAKS. Breathe sigh of relief as someone else gets to enjoy the little darlings for a while:)
12:30 pm: Stop by Neighborhood Service Center to pick up box of food, let the girls each choose one small item to purchase (a tiny pony and an Aladdin book)
12:45 pm: Play outside. I chat on the phone and text Brandon while waiting to get ready for the dentist:
1:30 pm: Everyone's getting hot and cranky. Head inside to rest for a bit and brush teeth.
2:10 pm: Out the door to dentist.
2:30-2:40 pm: Back to back dentist appts for the girls. Goldilocks does amazing and gets her teeth cleaned and xrays done. Addiecake doesn't fare as well. After much enthusiasm to get into the chair, she decides to clam up and the dentist can barely get a look. Goldilocks gets a Dilly Bar for her excellent behavior, Addicake cries because she doesn't get one (she knew the consequence when she decided not to let the hygienist clean her teeth).
3:00-5:00 pm: Play outside, enjoy some sun with Sheila and Ingrid. Girls decide they want to swim, so I set up the kiddie pool and they splash around until they get cold and want to go in.
5:00-6:00 pm: Girls play with Sheila and her Ingrid upstairs while I fold laundry and clean the bathroom.
6:20 pm: Pick up Sydney (along the side of the road) and drop the 3 oldest off at the tanning salon. Pick up my mom and brother to go to Taco John's.
6:30 pm: Tacos and burritos at Taco John's.
7:30 pm: Home, pjs on, teeth brushed, tuck the girls in (letting them sleep in my room...Addiecakes in bed, Goldilocks on the floor).
8:30-9:30 pm: Up and down the stairs twenty times in between cleaning the house to put girls back to bed. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea...
9:30 pm: Sit down to watch The Little Chocolateirs and Criminal Minds.

Missing you! I know there's no way your day was as fun as mine:) Tomorrow Julie and Kelsey will visit and Goldilocks and I have verses to memorize before Cubbies/Youth Group.

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  1. That was quite the day!!! It was a fun read for me, I bet Brandon enjoyed it even more!!! Have a great end to your week!