Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sin-Eaters, Scrapbooking, and Smelly Garbage

I'm starting to put my week back together into a semblance of a mini-vacation...today I went to Bible study with The Ladies (aka my mom's 3 dear friends, also known as my surrogate mothers) at my parents', then we all went out to McDonald's. After a long lunch, I stopped and picked up five movies: The Last Sin-Eater (excellent, by the way. Everyone MUST see this movie, it really gives a unique picture of what an awesome Savior we have.), Catch and Release, In the Land of Women (not worth anyone's time), The Hulk, and The Duchess...and dropped the kiddies back at my parents'. I've made my way through three movies, scrapbooked my wedding album start to finish (impressed? because I sure am!), had Godfather's pizza with the inlaws (yay for living in the same town), planted onions and green beans (don't know if there's enough growing season left, but since harvesting gallons of carrots there's extra garden room so why not give it a shot?), cleaned out the kiddie pool, remembered to take the smelly garbage to the curb, weeded the driveway, and played a killer game of Farkle on Facebook. Tomorrow I'm excited to finally use the Day Spa gift certificate B got me "just because" a while back, and maybe check out a movie at the $3 theater. Also have plans to get together with my mom and my brother's fabulous girlfriend to watch movies later in the week. Poor B is stuck in 120 degree weather, sweating off all that yummy Chinese takeout. Sitting in his boss's guest room, missing his girls. Come to think of it, I'm missing my girls, too. Never mind that they'd be dead to the world right now, there's something about having your children snoring away in their own beds. Anyhow, wish you were here, babe....actually, I wish "here" was Fargo and we were enjoying the pool hot tub right now...but "here, here" would be great, too.

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