Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I May Name My Firstborn Son "Dyson"

About a month ago, I pulled my vacuum cleaner down on my head. Well, to be more specific, my upper left arm and shoulder. This left me with a nasty bruise and an essentially non-functioning vacuum, and a little dilemma: purchase a relatively inexpensive vacuum and run the risk of having to purchase another one in a few years when I began experiencing the famous "loss of suction". Or blow all my hard-earned garage sale money on the raved-over Dyson. As you can probably guess, we went for a Dyson, the decision being tipped by a well-timed 30% off Kohl's coupon. So here's why I love my new toy:

1) My much-vacuumed living room carpet resulted in a full canister of crud my first time through. All that lurking in my carpet?

2) I can stand at the bottom of my stairs and thanks to the super-long and stretchy hose, reach the attachment all the way to the top...I have a 4-story house, which amounts to 7 separate staircases to vacuum. I can vacuum them all in about 15 minutes, as opposed to 30-45.

3) Super easy to empty the canister, and I don't have to touch any dirty filters.

4) The carrying handle is placed in a really comfortable's not so awkward to lug up and down those 7 sets of stairs.
5) The gorgeous vacuum cleaner lines criss-crossing my newly rejuvenated carpets.

6) It has a 5-year guarantee, and you can bet that if I do experience "loss of suction", that guarantee will be coming in handy.

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