Monday, July 13, 2009

A Caution and an Inspiration

I periodically receive emails from the culture review site Plugged In, and the one they sent out today really grabbed my attention. Each email newsletter reviews new movies and video games, and features culture-related quotes to help its readers understand trends in culture that pertain to Christ and morality. I find the newsletters really handy when I'm planning a movie night with my youth group girls, as they go through movies step-by-step, pointing out positives and negatives along the way. Anyhow, today's featured the new movie Bruno, follow-up to the grossly vulgar Borat (which I have not seen, but the TV previews alone were sickening). Apparently, in Bruno, a real life youth pastor is duped into thinking he is counselling a homosexual man interested in finding a way out of the lifestyle, when he is in reality being filmed for the movie, in hopes of catching some humiliating footage. Plugged In conducted an interview with this youth pastor, Jody Trautwein, that I found really inspiring and hopeful. It seems that "Bruno" didn't get any footage that could be used to mock either Trautwein or Christianity; rather, the producers were amazed at Trautwein's patience and kindness, and the message of salvation comes across loud and clear in the clip. A thrilling example of God using for good what was meant for harm! While I do NOT recommend anyone see this movie, especially after reading Plugged In's review, I am excited about the possibility of millions of people catching a glimpse of the true Gospel in a completely new and unexpected context. I do, however, recommend you read the interview and pray for protection for Trautwein as he has been placed in the public eye for standing up for Christ, as well as for the hearts of the movie-goers going into a movie looking to fill their minds with filth, but surprised by a ray of truth.

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