Wednesday, December 31, 2008

God is Funny

As I was lying in my daughter's bed, waiting for her to fall asleep, I was chuckling over something that happened a few weeks ago. I was on my way into the library for storytime, carrying a bag of books, and Adeline, too, closely followed by hubby and Amelia. At the exact instant I walked under the awning over the doorway, it decided to dump its entire huge load of fresh snow....on me, my books, and Adeline, too. I just stood there as the snow kept coming, and coming, and coming. When it finally stopped, I turned around to the shocked expressions of my hubby and my friend who I had just greeted, and we all burst out laughing. When I walked into the storytime room, Sally, the "Storytime Lady" asked me if I'd gotten into a snowball fight, I suppose because I was the only person there covered in snow. By the time I went to return my soggy, snowladen books, the entire library was chuckling over what had happened. And I still think about it and chuckle, thinking of God looking down and deciding that I needed a little humor in my day, and figuring out the perfect way to do it.

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