Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sick Day

Goldilocks woke up this morning with a sore, froggy throat and a mild fever...she definitely wasn't herself last night, so I decided she needed a day to recuperate. So we're trying to think of quiet things to do here at home to keep her busy mind occupied. I'm glad I picked up a bunch of books on CD at the library on Saturday, so that will take up part of the day. And to make sure this sick day isn't so fun it turns into more "sick days", we'll definitely have to break out the homework and math flashcards. Thankfully, Hardware Hank is his usual mild-mannered, good-spirited little self, and Addiecakes is off to my "Mom's Group" with a friend so she doesn't miss out on playtime with her buds. Time to switch the laundry to the dryer and get working on coupons while Hardware Hank naps.

Anyone have any good "sick day" ideas that don't involve becoming a TV/XBox zombie for the day?

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  1. We had Luke make postcards for everyone (Grandma/Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles). He had to draw a picture then write the address in a way the post man could read it. One problem with that is we did go through a lot of stamps (we were sick all of Feb) but one cool thing is that a week later, he ended up getting some mail.