Saturday, April 7, 2012

He Is Risen

I've been working really hard lately at celebrating holidays in a spiritually meaningful way. I've always been pretty good at making a big deal out of special days and giving the kids a great springboard for their imaginations, but I want to spend more time teaching the reason behind the holidays and less time on the secular trappings. With that said, here's what we've been doing this week to celebrate Christ's sacrifice and resurrection...

On Good Friday, the girls and I made crosses to write our sins on and decorate. Goldilocks came up with a sin to write down pretty quickly. Addiecakes had to think about it and finally came up with "Hardware Hank hits me sometimes." Isn't that human nature to be able to come up with someone else's sins before we can figure out our own? We also made tombs and stones. The stone stayed in front of the tomb all weekend, and when they woke up on Sunday morning, the stones had been rolled away and angels placed next to them.

We talked why we decorate eggs at Easter, and that an egg represents new life, as Jesus represents new life for us and victory over death.

Our eggs...we used food coloring and the Candy Apple dye kit from Walmart.

Eggs and nest I made with my mom's group.

We do the Easter Bunny here as well...they woke up to find baskets of goodies on Easter morning.

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