Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Encouragement from an Unlikely Source...Myself!

I was flipping through my devotional journal the other day and came across this past really made my day as I've been having more and more days where I feel overwhelmed by all the everyday "clutter" of my life, especially as I get bigger and every chore seems to take longer. So here it is, I hope it can encourage other busy moms out there, too!

-Piles of dirty laundry means my home is filled with people I love.
- Meals to cook means we have food to eat.
-Toys all over the house means I have children who are able to play.
- Sibling fights means I've been blessed with more than one child.
- Exhaustion all day means I have new life growing inside me!

I'm sure there's lots more that could be added to the list...

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