Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm excited (and slightly embarassed) to say that Addiecakes is actually getting the potty thing....FINALLY! I decided that it was time, at 3 1/2, to go cold turkey and take away the diapers (except at night) so I told her we were going to wash all the cloth and put it away for the new baby, and she was switching to underwear. The first day, there was lots of puddles on the floor, but every day has gotten better, and today she went 4 times on the potty all by herself, with no reminder from me! I've figured out that with her, I just need to put her in undies and let her do her thing...reminders frustrate and embarass her, she seems to prefer to sneak off and do her thing in private. The only accident she had today was at the store (of course), but she is still working on remembering to go when she's not near her potty chair, and figuring out how to use the big potty...I may actually get a month or two reprieve from diapers!

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