Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's Keeping Me Sane Right Now...

1) Norah Jones, Train, and Fernando Ortega in the CD player rotation.
2) the girls' 7pm bedtime creeping closer and closer
3) my Spice Spice Baby candle
4) wool diaper covers
5) the toy fire truck that's keeping Adeline occupied
6) freshly mopped floors
7) Amelia's at my mom's for the afternoon
8) Brandon will be home soon
9) I won some reusable training pants today:)
10) dimples

Why is my sanity in question today? Yesterday was really hard, and today my mom took Amelia for the afternoon to give me a break while the young ones napped. Did they nap? Adeline napped while Justice was up, Justice napped for thirty minutes while Adeline was up...translation: no nap for me...

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