Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's ok...

...if your kids spent the day in dress-up clothes
...if the laundry didn't get done
...if you drank an extra Diet Coke or two to get through the day
...if your baby slam-dunked his head against a pointy object-again
...if your dog is outside barking while you blog
...if your menu plan consists of a few scribbled meal ideas on a post-it
...if the house got cleaned only to be messy again 2 minutes later
...if breakfast consisted of cold cereal eaten in front of the television
...if your dog ate the rest of the pizza out of the garbage

Because you also....
...gave your kids the creativity to express themselves through clothing
...took the kids to library Summer Reading instead of starting the laundry
...promised yourself you'd drink extra water later
...cuddled your baby when he cried
...helped your dog learn it's ok to be outside alone sometimes
...resisted the siren call of McDonald's and fed your kids a "nutritious" lunch
..."messed up" your clean house by setting up the Hot Wheels city morning t.v. to the one show
...minimized household food waste!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this! I read this blog for the 1st time last night! You are amazing! Thanks for reminding me it's ok to have a little mess in order to cherish some time with my kiddos!