Friday, February 11, 2011

Where All My Time Goes or....Why, Yes, I Believe I Do Smell Like Poo....

I've been trying to figure out why this week has seemed more pointless than usual...I've felt like I'm spinning my wheels in the mud, and when I get out of the car to push it my feet get this afternoon as I was cleaning up my nearly-4-year old's 4th(!) poo accident of the day, I realized where all my time is's literally being flushed down the toilet along with the countless toilet paper squares and toddler wipes we've been barrelling through! Plus, Hardware Hank has apparently reached the stage of massive blow-outs every morning, resulting in complete wardrobe changes and full-body wipedowns...this epiphany has resulted in a decision to let myself off the hook. There are days when I have a handle on the poo, and days when the poo has a handle on me...besides it could be worse...we could have been at the library.

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  1. Oh how I enjoy your blog posts.... I'm glad you had time to get back to blogging.